The Key phrase

This is given to the patient/partner to identify them the first time they login.

Once they have entered their patient ID, they will be prompted to enter and confirm their password - only they will ever know their password.

To reset the Key phrase

If a patient forgets their password, the clinic must reset their Key Phrase and communicate it to them.

Firstly, find the patient's consent case using the search bar:

Then click on Access details and reset:

save image

And then Reset Access:

This will then display the new Key phrase. 

You can also copy all the details to your clipboard using the icon at the top; the details can then be pasted into an email or SMS.

N.B. Currently the clinic has to reset the patient / partner keyphrase. In Q2 2019 some additional login options are being introduced to provide Two Factor Authentication (2FA), which will allow the patient to reset their password from a new key phrase which is sent to them via SMS / text message.