Firstly check the patient is accessing the correct clinic patient portal, e.g.

The most common problems include:

  • Entering wrong Patient ID or Date of Birth (NB Patient ID is not an email address)
  • Previously logged in, but forgotten their password

Once you have reset the key phrase send it to the patient via SMS (or method a per clinic SOP).

Other problems at the patient's end

  • Are they connected to the internet / have a good WiFi signal?
  • Older mobile phones and outdated browsers can cause issues
  • Solution: try a different device.

Always remember to check the Audit Log to see when/if the patient logged in and what type of browser / device they are using - see How to view audit log

Generally, patient login problems are human error or local technical problems at their end. However, if more than one patient cannot access the portal for more than ten minutes there may be a technical problem our end, so get back in touch please.