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Patient Help and Support

We are introducing some new features to help clinics support their patients with their informed consent process but also treatments, medications, appointments, storage renewals, payments, etc.

New Help and Support features:

  • Request a Call Back - sends a secure email to a specific group or person in the clinic or organisation
  • Clinic Information - additional information for patients (June 2024)
  • FAQs - Add your own Frequently Asked Questions  (July 2024)

What other features would help to improve patient support and at the same time help reduce clinic resources needed?

Request a Call Back - Available now

This asks the patient 3 questions:

  • What would like help with?
    • Pre-defined categories where the message will be sent to.
  • Is it urgent?
    • Yes - if it is really urgent the patient is prompted to phone the clinic.
    • No - patient enters specific details of the request
  • When is the best time to call you back?
    • Patient can select a day / time which corresponds to the opening hours of the clinic when they would prefer to be called back.

The message is then send securely to the nominated person or group at the clinic.

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